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Godly Wisdom for a Great Marriage - Wk 7

Friday, February 10, 2012
In their four-message series, "Godly Wisdom for a Great Marriage," Bayless and Janet Conley provide you the godly wisdom from Scripture that you need to have a happy marriage…and to have your marriage continue to grow for a lifetime!
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Articles by Bayless Conley

How can I have a confident faith?

How can I have a confident faith?
How can I know God really loves me? Can I really trust Him?
You may have been a Christian for a long time or just recently started following the Lord. But no matter where you are in your walk with Christ right now, you can trust in God’s character and in His promises.

How can I trust God when everything is going wrong?

What do I do when life is out of control? And God seems to have forgotten me? 
You’ve probably been in a situation that just doesn’t seem fair. Perhaps you’ve been mistreated or hurt. Maybe you’ve been cheated in a business deal, lied to by a friend, or had something special taken from you. 
In these situations, you and I naturally start to wonder, What is God doing? Why is He letting this happen in my life?

How can I be healed?

Do I really want to be made well? What part do I play in my own healing? What part does faith play?

I recently was told the story of Robert Flaherty, a filmmaker who unsuccessfully searched for gold in the Arctic as a young man. While he was there, he shot 70,000 feet of film of previously undiscovered things… things that the rest of the world had never seen about Eskimos and life in that remote part of the world.

How do I live in victory over sin?

How can my life be transformed? Can I ever really change?!

Some people have familiar sins that tend to tangle them up again and again and again. If you can relate (and who can’t!), I want to tell you: It is possible to overcome those familiar sins and to bring your body into subjection. How? It starts by realizing your body has been purchased by God, and through Christ’s redemption, you can have the power to live in victory over sin!