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Richard Roberts on Healing (2 Books & CD)
>> Jesus Never Turned Away Anyone Who Needed Healing. >>   You MUST know how much God loves much He wants to see you healed and made whole in every area of your life. That's why Richard Roberts wrote He's A Healing Jesus. When you understand what God reveals about Himself in the Bible, you'll see that Jesus has the desire and the power to do something about it. It is this simple. Jesus came to: • Reveal the love of the Father  • Destroy the works of the devil.  Many people feel separated from God in their illness. They wonder if He could possibly care about what they're going through. The one answer to that question is "Yes, He knows, and yes, He cares." Someone you know needs to hear it. >> Incudes If You Need Healing Do These Things by Oral Roberts.

About It's Supernatural!

It's Supernatural! deals with subjects that most shy away from in this seeker-sensitive age. It emphasizes the supernatural, biblical viewpoint that the secular networks do not understand. And at the end of each program, host, Sid Roth, tells the viewers how they can have intimacy with God.

About Sid Roth

Sid Roth, host of It's Supernatural! television program, is a Jewish believer in Jesus the Messiah. In 1977 Sid started a ministry called Messianic Vision and a nationally syndicated radio broadcast by the same name (he started the TV program in the 1990's). But the Messianic Vision is more than a ministry or a program; it is a desire to reach out with the good news of the Messiah "to the Jew first" (Romans 1:16). This is not just God's historical order for spreading the gospel, but also His eternal spiritual order. When we follow this "law of evangelism," God opens a supernatural door to reach large numbers of Gentiles (even more than if we had gone to the Gentile first). God's heart is to reach all people. His strategy is "to the Jew first."

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