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God Is No Longer Angry With You Today (LIVE at Lakewood Church)


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Irresistible Favor Special Gift Collection

Included in this special gift collection are the Irresistible Favor 2-sermon audio series, the bonus Reign In Life 2015 wall calendar, Right Believing Capsule 55-sermon MP3 player, Power Of Right Believing Tour Special Gift Edition and Unmerited Favor softback book. No matter what the circumstances look like around you, let this special collection of resources show you how why God is for you and how His favor is yours today.

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With more than two decades of full-time ministry behind him, Joseph Prince is today a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry. This broadcast currently reaches millions of homes on both secular and Christian networks. For more information, please visit our ministry website.