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Easter services should always end with an invitation for people to accept Christ. No one should ever hear the message of the cross and resurrection and not have the opportunity to receive God’s forgiveness through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. Through the years we have seen more people come to Christ during our Easter services than any other Sunday services. And it happened again this past Sunday. Praise the Lord!

The Gospel is about God’s forgiveness of our sins. Sometimes it is hard for people to believe they can be forgiven. People need to know that God gives them second chances. They need to know that God does not give up on us because we mess up. And that God is willing to give us another opportunity to get it right even after we may completely fail in following him.

The Bible is replete with examples of second chances. Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. When he returned to the camp and came upon a huge hedonistic party he was so angry he threw down the tablets and destroyed them. Fortunately God gave him another copy. This is the same Moses who in anger killed an Egyptian who was abusing a Hebrew. God gave him a second chance and he ended up becoming one of the world’s all-time greatest leaders.

Peter was one of Jesus disciples and yet when Jesus was unjustly arrested he denied he ever knew him. He did not deny him once but three different times. Peter felt like such a failure he went back to his former profession as a fisherman. But Jesus came to him and gave him a second chance. He gave Peter the opportunity to serve him and help lead the early Church.

Mark was an early follower of Jesus and wrote the Gospel of Mark. He was on the ministry team of the apostle Paul. The book of Acts tells us that he deserted Paul and the team, left Perga and went back to Jerusalem. Ten years later Paul was imprisoned in Rome and asked if Mark could be sent to him because “he can be very helpful to me” (II Timothy 4:11). Even after deserting him, Paul gives Mark a second chance. He actually believed Mark could be a help to him.

God gave Moses a second chance, Jesus gave Peter a second chance and Paul gave Mark a second chance. Offering forgiveness and giving second chances is what Jesus and his followers do.


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