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As we start the new year I trust that you have made some resolutions. One resolution that everyone needs to make is to practice excellence. "Excellence honors God and inspires people." This is a phrase that I champion, it's a phrase that I believe in. Excellence is something you need to practice in your one and only life. God wants us to excel. God is looking for you to live your life in such a way that you excel. Our God is excellent; all that He has done, all that He has created is excellent. Excellence has implications in so many different areas in your life. Living a life of excellence will enhance your one and only life in so many ways.

Unless you value excellence, you will never be excellent. If you don't put a value on excellence and quantify it, then you can't define it and you'll never know if you're reaching it. If you're going to achieve excellence, there has to be a standard. We all know there are people, there are companies, there are organizations, there are teams, that their standard is excellence. And time and time again, they end up hitting that mark. They do because they have clear standards of what excellence looks like for them.

Average is just such an acceptable thing in our culture. We live in a world of mediocrity, where a lot of people are okay with good enough. Of course, you can go that route if you want but I don't believe that is a godly way to do it. What ought to drive you is the fact that God didn't place you on this earth to be mediocre. God hasn't given you your one and only life to strive for average. God wants you to move beyond average. Christ followers ought to be the best at whatever it is they do. The people who claim to follow Christ, who claim to be those who serve an excellent God, ought to by their own life exhibit that kind of excellence.

Make 2017 your year of excellence.

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A man received a book entitled Happiness as a gift from his friend and inside the front cover his friend wrote “Keep this book in your house and you will always have happiness in your home.” If only it was that easy!

Entire countries have actually tried to make their countries happier by creating a ministry of happiness. In Ecuador it is called the Ministry of Buen Vivir which means the "good life”. In Argentina it is called the Ministry of the People's Supreme Social Happiness. Both were created in 2013 but according to the World Happiness Report, Ecuador is ranked no. 48 and Argentina no. 23. Setting up a national ministry to create happier lives is not sufficient or even necessary.

The good news is we can control our own happiness. We have the capacity to create the happiness we are seeking by incorporating specific habits into our daily lives. In these next pages I will share with you five habits of happy people. If you can practice these and make them a part of your life - you can be happy. 

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