Man's Forest and Woman's Trees

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This is not going to really come as a news flash to anybody who's been around very long, but the differences between men and women aren't just biological. For example, the difference between how a man and woman tell a story or relate an incident. The man sort of skims the surface; kind of does the from 30,000 feet view of things, and usually he can't even remember a lot of details. I often have to ask my wife, "When did that happen? Where were we? Who were we with?"

Now, when a woman tells the same story, oh, we get the color of the drapes, the weather forecast for the day, the expressions people had on their faces. And the man's going, "Okay, so what's the point? Where's this going?" Actually, this underscores an important difference between men and women; one that I think God designed. And the sooner we understand it, the sooner we'll really appreciate each other.

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