Walking Too Fast to Talk

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If you're into fitness, you'll be happy to know that at times my wife and I have been walking together several times a week. Now, we lived in a place where it was three and a half miles around our local lake, and that was really good. For two reasons: First of all, that walk improved our physical condition-and I know that's something you'd be happy about. But it also gave us time to talk.

Now, there's a problem. I like to walk faster. I think I was doing those three and a half miles in about forty-two minutes, which is a pretty good pace. But I've learned that walking and talking can get in each other's way, especially if you walk too fast and I have a tendency to do that. When we chug up and down our local hills at my hyper pace, my wife would often voice a very legitimate complaint. She'd say, "Ron, you're walking too fast to talk!" I was doing that long before we started our little hikes.

When a woman isn't heard, she starts to talk louder, and longer, and more often. And she nags because she's not been heard. That time with her needs to be a deliberate choice you make, a sacrificial choice, "I'm all yours, Honey, and I'm yours for a while." That kind of love will create a home that is a caring place, safe place for the man who lives there.

Remember what I've learned about walking with my wife. You have to slow down in order to talk, and her language of love is your willingness to listen.

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