Sad Success

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I won't be going to a Lady Gaga concert soon, but tons of people have and will. To some, that headline-generating singer is just another cultural side show. But at least for now, the entertainer known for her bizarre outfits and her wild performances is an A-list celebrity and a cultural icon.

And it's all too easy to forget she's a person. Like all of us, a person with a story. She's starting to tell some of that story. As I read part of it yesterday, I honestly felt sad. For all of her stratospheric success in the spotlight, there's apparently a lot of hurt offstage.

In a Vanity Fair interview, Lady Gaga says, "If I'm supposed to end up like some crazy casualty, then that's my destiny...I love show business. I need it. It's like breath! When the spotlight goes off, I don't know quite what to do with myself."

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