A Taste of Honey

Psalm 119:97-104

“Dave, what’s going on in Habakkuk chapter two when the prophet says he’s going to sit down on a high tower, like a watchman, and wait and see how the LORD will answer his questions?” After a full day of teaching from the Scriptures, Zack was still hungry.

I’ve studied the Bible my entire life and much of my professional life has revolved around the academic study of the Scriptures, but my prayer is that I’ll still have Zack’s personal, passionate taste for the Word. The psalmist had this passion and in the “Mem” section of Psalm 119 verses 97-104 he compared his love for God’s inspired instructions to his passionate taste for honey.

“How smooth (pleasant, desirable) to my palate are Your Words, sweeter than honey!” Psalm 119:103

He gives strong reasons for his passion to continually meditate on God’s Word: It makes him smarter than his enemies (v. 98), more shrewd than his teachers (v.99), and more discerning than experienced old heads (v. 100). 

It keeps his feet from straying off God’s path into evil (v.101) and moves him to hate deceit (v. 104).

LORD, keep Zack hungering to find the answers to the questions you raise in our Word, even in one of the Minor Prophets.  Continue to give me the strength and the passion to help him find your answers. Give us a passion for you and your Word in my teaching and generate this taste for your sweet honey in their young lives and in mine.

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