Above Gold, Fine Gold

Psalm 119:121-128

“The older generation of believing Koreans gets up at five to pray, but not the younger. They’ll get up early and stay up late to study because they want to get that good job and make a lot of money. Materialism — that’s becoming the driving force.”

For many years now I’ve heard stories of the commitment of Korean believers to prayer and to the spiritual disciplines. Now I’m hearing more comments like the one above from an experienced missionary. High profile protestant leaders in South Korea have been exposed and vilified in the media as acting more like the CEO’s of large corporations than humble shepherds and some are facing charges of fraud and embezzlement.   All this has caused disillusionment among the next generation of believers here, and ironically the same love for gold that captured their older leaders is becoming the major motivation in the young.

When it came to whether or not it was better to commit your life to money or to God, the Old Testament psalmist in Psalm 119 foreshadowed the priorities Jesus taught us about the danger of worshiping Mammon.

“Therefore I love your commandments more than gold, yes, even the finest gold.

Therefore all your instructions — all of them I obey keeping my life straight. Every false way I hate." Psalm 19:127-128

LORD, help all of us to see that piling up bank accounts leaves your hands empty in the end. In fact, the wear and tear will probably drive you to an early grave and your lazy child, who never worked a day in his life, will get to squander away all the piled up cash. Help me to model a passion for obeying your instructions through the power of your Spirit — an obedience that will bring lasting reward. 

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