Can’t Wait to See You

1 Thessalonians 2:17-20

“Mom, when are you and dad coming over? You’ve got to work out a time!” This is our daughter on the phone encouraging us to make the nine hour drive from Midlothian to Tuscaloosa. Why? Because she’s passionate about us having face time without the help of social media. We all get it when our kids and grandkids get intense about personal contact with us, but it was this passionate desire to connect personally with spiritual brothers and sisters that captured attention in the first century as the Jesus movement spread.

When the Apostle Paul and his team brought the Good News about Jesus to the Thessalonians, Jews, God-fearing Gentiles, and idol-worshiping pagans in the city responded. Their lives were powerfully changed and one of the strongest indications that they had been touched by the living God was how they loved one another.  When the Jesus movement had just begun to create strong family ties among the believers, Paul and his team suddenly had to flee for their lives from the city. But this did not end the intense love Paul had for his new family in Christ in Thessalonica.

“Now, brothers and sisters, when we were suddenly taken from you like orphans, physically but not in our hearts, for a short time, we tried even harder to see you face to face with great desire. Indeed I, Paul, intended to come to you once and then again, a second time, but Satan hindered us. For who is our hope, our joy, our crown that makes us boast? Is it not you, with others—will you not be our pride and joy when we stand before our Lord Jesus in his coming? Yes, indeed, you are our glory and our joy.”  1 Thessalonians 2:17-20

Mary and I don’t have to work up enthusiasm when it comes to wanting to see our kids and grandkids. This love just bubbles up from inside, and what made the Jesus movement infectious in the first century was that the Holy Spirit was giving this kind of passion to be together with fellow believers in Jesus, the Messiah, the Lord.

LORD, pour out the kind of love Paul had for the Thessalonian believers into my heart for the believers I’m in love contact with today. Help my brothers and sisters in Christ to know that I cherish being with them because of your love welling up inside me.

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