Connected to the Power

2 Thessalonians 3:4-5

When Mary and I got back from Israel,  it was the middle of March in Texas, not too hot or too cold,  because while we were gone the 220 breakers in our electric panel blew out—one giving power to the heater and the other to our air conditioner. Praise God there was no fire, but our heater and air conditioner were dead. No power.

As the Apostle Paul winds down his second letter to the Thessalonians, he is confident that his spiritual children in the city are plugged in to a source of power that will never short out.

“Now we stand confident about you in the Lord that you are doing and will do what we have commanded you. May the Lord guide your hearts into God’s sacrificial, gracious love and into Christ’s faithfulness.”

Watch out for religious leaders who load you up with guilt, giving you lists of all the things you need to work on in response to their teaching. Paul heaps confidence and encouragement on the Thessalonians, but he does not base this confidence in their own strength, discipline, or positive attitude. He bases everything on the fact that they are “in Christ”—eternally and intimately united with Jesus. And this is why he oozes confidence that they are doing and will do the things he taught them.

We, too, by faith are intimately, eternally united with Jesus and therefore we can trust him to produce God’s love in our hearts and move us to live faithful to Jesus. This love and this faithfulness are not dependent upon some power or spiritual charge that we conjure up. It’s God’s heart and Jesus’ faithfulness pouring into our lives as a gift.

LORD, thanks that your power will generate this obedience, love and faithfulness in my life and that it doesn’t depend upon my fragile, inconsistent self-effort. And thanks for my friend, Wally, who changed out the breakers so that all the power in our house is back up and running.

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