Jet Lag and the Night

Psalm 119:49-56

Kenya is eight hours ahead of Texas, Central Time. After sleeping sporadically on the Nairobi to Amsterdam leg of my Delta flight home and more catnaps on the Amsterdam to DFW leg, I felt fine when I landed Sunday afternoon. Then Sunday evening Mary laughed as I conk out in my soft rocking chair at 7:30 PM.

Jet lag not only means that you find yourself suddenly asleep at odd times, but you also wake up periodically during the night.  Adapting back to Texas time gives me a lot of time to practice what the psalmist shared about his nighttime visits with the LORD.

“I remember Your Name in the night because I obey Your Torah. This blessing has come to me because I have obeyed Your Instructions.” Psalm 119:55-56

At five years of age I believed in Jesus because my dad faithfully preached the Gospel, not only to crowds at his evangelistic meetings, but also to his son. Whether it’s God’s instructions about sexual purity, telling the truth, or not worshiping false gods, Jesus’ Spirit continues to give me the power to obey him now that I’m a grandpa.

LORD, keep me singing your Word (Psalm 119:54) and cherishing your Name.

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