Let’s Change the Rules

Psalm 119:137-144

When I arrived in Jeju to teach, the leaders didn’t even give us a key to our room, and the students have their computers all around the public dining area where they eat and study.  I haven’t once heard, “Now Dave, make sure you have your computer right where you can see it.” Evidently, at least where I’m living on this Island in South Korea, there’s still a strong commitment to the good old 8thCommandment, “Thou shalt not steal.” (Exodus 20:15)

Back in the U.S. the majority still join the South Koreans in believing that the command not to steal is a good one, but this is not true when it comes to the 7th. Many are getting shaky on whether or not adultery, which also includes other forms of sexual immorality, is still wrong.  My question is, “If the biblical God didn’t get it right in the 7th Commandment about sexual ethics, and in the future if the majority decides that privately owning high tech stuff is selfish because everything should be shared by all, and if a group of judges in D.C. declares that the 8th Commandment is out of date, wouldn’t it be liberating to trash it along with the 7th?”

I’m not ready to buy into this deceptive reasoning that basic morality changes over time and that majority viewpoints decide right and wrong. I’m still standing with the ancient writer of Psalm 119 who said this about the durability of God’s commands.

“Your standards of right are right forever, and Your Torah (Your inspired instructions) are true.” Psalm 119:142

“Your testimonies are right forever. Give me understanding that I might live.” Psalm 119:144

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