When you look up the word Authority on you will find seven definitions of the word “Authority” I will give you just a few: (1) An accepted source of information, (2) Quotation or citation from such a source,(3) An expert on the subject.

Tsunami, a word that described death and destruction to thousands in Indonesia in 2004, thousands were saved because of one man’s authority.  He was the source of information, advice—he gave a quotation or citation from such a source—he was an expert on the subject.

When we face each day there are many obstacles, surly not all are not tsunami type, but I think we can all think back of certain times in our lives that we felt they were tsunami like.  At those times we all are looking for answers to survive those big waves. We look for someone who has positional authority, someone who has prior knowledge of the situation we are going through. We look for relational authority, someone we can trust, we look for experiential authority, someone who has been through a similar type of tsunami.

The Holy Spirit does not sway people without the positional authority, the knowledge He gives, the relational authority that a strong connection gives and experiential authority, knowledge of the future gives. The Holy Spirit is both before and after every event in your life, when he speaks to you He is the voice of experience from age to age. He has managed a few billion lives, he’s seen it all. Listen to the ultimate authority that the God head has given you.  

Thank you Father for all that you have given me to trust you.