The Bride of Christ is entering into a new cycle of anointing. God is releasing the spirit of prayer, a reformation of purity, and a supernatural dimension of power that is opening spiritual gates of access, releasing His angels all over the globe.  God is developing consecrated lovers with a standard of holiness, and character of integrity for this last days move.  The spirit of Elijah is coming upon a remnant bride’s heart in these final hours.  A separation of the holy and profane, the wheat and the tares, the sheep and the goats, the clean and the unclean, the true and the false, is now enabling the Bride to discern between good and evil. As our hearts are purified with God’s holy fire we are able to encounter the invisible angelic realm in our dreams and in our lives.  As we hunger and passionately pursue the presence of Jesus, His Kingdom will draw closer to us.  The altars of prayer in our hearts, brokenness and humility before God, is what causes heaven’s gates to open.

The ministry of prayer, coupled with the spirit of unity, opens spiritual gates for angels to enter into the earthly realms.  Angels are comprised of the glorious breath, wind, light, and fire of God.  The increased entrance of angels into the New Testament church came with the mighty rushing wind that filled the house as fire set on each person present.  This powerful moving of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-4 was not to remain behind the four walls but quickly overflowed into the streets, impacting the world.  A host of angelic ministers of fire accompanied Holy Spirit as He blew into earth escorting in a new day.


Church history has many great supernatural ministers like William Branham and Katherine Kuhlman.  They tuned their ears to hear, and their hearts to perceive the angelic messengers sent to direct them into the Holy Spirit flow.  They were given insights, revelation, and power to navigate the heavenly dimensions which released the miraculous to move across the sea of humanity attending their crusades.  By waiting upon the Lord until they sensed the fiery presence of the angels they released heavens atmosphere on earth.   Do you want to encounter angels?

God has commissioned encampments of angels to surround His ministers today.  Angels respond to the miracle anointing and declarations of faith.  At Breath of the Spirit’s conference, “Champions of God”, in Dallas, Texas, Holy Spirit revealed He was healing those with chronic pain. As I stood to prophesy this word of knowledge, suddenly seven rainbow colored angels that had been standing around the perimeter of the audience flooded the altar area producing such a forceful wind, I was blown onto one foot and fought to maintain my balance.  God’s healing, delivering, dunamis power was released and many were slain under the power of the Lord.  A lady bound to her wheelchair stood and walked when God touched three discs in her back.  The angels continued to give specific insights into the keys needed to release healing in those that responded to the voice of the Lord.

At another conference, I asked Holy Spirit to dispatch an angelic host to minister with us and to bring the atmosphere of heaven.  A woman in the audience afflicted with scoliosis heard a violent wind blow the back doors of the church open and the foot steps of an angel walking behind her.  She felt hands of fire resting on her hips. She was totally engulfed in a fragrance of celestial air and a brilliant amber light of God’s golden glory.  As I taught on “Healing and the Seven Spirits of God,” the angel shook the woman who screamed out, “Something just grabbed and shook me!”  The attention of the audience was drawn to the back of the room.  She excitedly announced her miraculous healing exclaiming her hips were evenly aligned and her disfigured back was perfectly straight. The unsaved came to salvation.

Brilliant heavenly lights, luminaries or orbs, are appearing as they did in Acts 20:8-10 and Job 29:2-6. When the beautiful hosts are present, resurrection life- giving, creative, miracle-power is released.  Their presence is drawn through the creative atmosphere of preaching the word, prayer, faith and worship.

Worship was released in Bolingbrook,Illinois and the spheres of light came to orchestrate a most spectacular heavenly light show.  The vibrant circular lights danced in unison to the melodies, covering a wall with the overlapping colors of rich red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and violet as they moved like the Ezekiel wheel within a wheel. When the worship was finished they flowed from the wall forming a glorious blue cloud of mist that descended and was suspended about two feet above the large audience.   Miracles were released and for two hours people were touched and transformed.  Then as quickly as the cloud had descended upon the audience it began to ascend and vanished through the ceiling.

Angelic visitations are increasing in frequency on a corporate and individual level.  As the church is coming out of a forty year wilderness wandering, like in Joshua 5, we are called to take a knife and circumcise the flesh.  In 2007 we will remain hidden in the Promised Land as we heal. God has removed our shame and reproach.  Now we learn to navigate the higher realms of the Spirit.  Our sight will be lifted into a new realm (Colossians 3:2).  We need to see the Commander of the LORD's army with his mighty drawn sword, to discern between the thoughts and the intents of the heart.  There is a company of angels stationed on top of our Jericho walls.  As we learn to release God’s light, consecrate the words of our mouth in thanksgiving, and walk in a new cycle on holy ground, the angels will force the walls of opposition down, making our paths straight.  We will walk on a Highway of Holiness (Isaiah 35) enabling us to take the cities.

God is completing a seven year cycle.  He is bringing spiritual perfection, purification, and consecration, in order to finish the things He has been working in us.  How do we prepare ourselves to access the angelic realm? Psalms 100-107 will give us knowledge of God’s mandates for our lives.

Fervent prayer is the key for working the mandates of Psalms into our hearts.  Angels are releasing “suddenlies” to wake the church from its slumber.  Chains of sin, hopelessness and despair, are being broken.  New anointings are being given to release captives from prison.  The iron gates to the cities and marketplaces of the world are opening to the gospel.  Acts 12:5-10 Our prayers act as doorways for angels to manifest their heavenly messages in the earthly realms.  Several years ago I promised to intercede for two friends Marion and Joy, as they evangelized through the arid terrain of Pakistan.  One evening I awoke to celestial air and a brilliant golden- glory cloud filling my bedroom.  The angelic countenances of my two friends stepped out of this heavenly atmosphere. I knew it could not possibly be them, since they were on assignment in a foreign land. Yet a heavenly visitation was taking place an arms length away.  I was fearful, yet excited and exhilarated at the same time.  Gaining my composure I sat up in bed.  The air was electric and full of light energy like walking into a pulsing magnetic field.

I asked why they had come.  Their reply was direct and to the point: “Marion and Joy’s lives are endangered.  There are those who are seeking to kill Americans in Pakistan.  Contact their host, and get them out of the country.”

Then as quickly as they had appeared, the angels vanished, stepping back into the invisible realm of the spirit.  The cloud of light imploded and vanished, returning my room to the dark silence of midnight, but the electrified heavenly atmosphere remained.  My early evening prayers had connected me to the realms of heaven and paved a way for the angels to deliver their warning.

Upon waking the next morning, I made the necessary phone calls to alert their host to the impending dangers.  On the evening news I witnessed a report outlining the gruesome assassination of six American journalists being machine-gunned to death in their car on the streets of Pakistan.

Later I learned what happened that fateful night:  Joy and Marion were conducting an open-air meeting in front of a multitude of people.  An old, tattered car rolled to a stop.  Men wielding machine guns piled out of the car and pressed their way through the crowd.

However, upon receiving the warning from America, the host grabbed and pushed my two friends off the stage throwing them to the ground.  Rolling them under the platform, they crawled to a get-away car waiting to whisk them to safety.  It was a narrow escape, but the angels’ warning the previous night had saved their lives.

This generation is praying and seeking God’s face like never before. His purifying fire, cleanses our hands and hearts preparing us for an angelic encounter, igniting the greatest move of God earth has ever experienced.