A couple went on a vacation to Hawaii. They decided to do some snorkeling at the beach near their hotel. They paddled into the lagoon to observe the aquatic life in the coral reef. They were mesmerized by all they saw – the coral, the colors, the variety of fish. I did it once in Fiji and it is definitely quite an experience.

At some point the husband lifted his head out of the water. And what he saw shocked him. They had been caught in a riptide without even realizing it. Focused on looking downward into the water they had never looked up. When they did they realized they had drifted more than a mile out to sea. The shoreline looked impossibly far away their hotel a mere blip in the distance.

Fortunately, they had a boogie board with them. They both grabbed it and began furiously paddling back to shore. They swam for more than an hour before finally reaching the beach and collapsing in the sand. So close to disaster on a day intended to be a relaxing time at the beach.

It’s a crazy story but truthfully too many people can experience this with their lives. They look back over the past year and realize they are far away from where they thought they would be. Somehow they drifted. And that needs to not happen again this new year. Maybe this is you. But how can you keep from drifting in 2020 and have clear direction?

In Philippians 3:16 it says, “We must keep going in the direction that we are now headed.” And if we are not moving toward the goal we will drift. Did you drift last year? You can’t go somewhere else unless you acknowledge where you are right now. Have you allowed your focus to wander and drifted off your life’s direction?

Where are you at with your health, family, finances, career, spiritual life? And where do you want to be this year? If you don’t know where you are going you won’t get anywhere or you’ll end up somewhere you don’t want to be. You don’t drift to a destination you would have chosen.

Determine your direction this first day of the year. Decide drifting ends today. It will take self-discipline and hard work. But it can be done. You haven’t drifted too far away that you can’ get back on course in 2020.

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