A step that will lead to your comeback is to restart your dream engine. I used to live in NASCAR country, they had one of their tracks in Richmond. I like going to those races, especially when they announce, “Gentlemen, start your engines,” and those engines create an incredible sound you not only hear but feel. When those eight-hundred horsepower cars start driving around the track, it is quite a sound. And when you have had a setback, your dream engine will need to be restarted.

Setbacks do not control your life. You control your life. You decide that you are going to dream again. You’ve had a setback; it happens to the best of us. You can decide that you are going to restart your dream engine; that you are not going to allow your dreams to falter and go away. I love seeing dreams fulfilled. I think it is a powerful thing when God works in someone’s life in such a way that He begins to fulfill his or her dreams.

You’ve got to ask for God’s blessing and help. Many miss out on God’s blessings that come only when you ask. Simply put, a blessing is God’s supernatural favor, which comes to those who ask for it. There comes a point when you decide to ask for your dreams to be fulfilled and will not allow the setback to define you anymore. You determine to move forward into the dream God has for you.

There will always be people who will put down your dreams, who will try to discourage you from your comeback. My advice to you as a spiritual leader, an inspirational speaker, and someone who has seen many dreams come true is, do not listen to those people! Even well-meaning people who care about you and have more life experience may attempt to dissuade you.

If you really believe God has given you this dream and is leading you, you should move in that direction. Remember, God is pro-vision. The question for you should be, “What is next? Not what’s happened, but what is next?”

What does your comeback look like to you? It may be launching a new project. It may be trying a new approach. Take direct, specific action in movement toward your dream. You’ve had setbacks. You’ve learned from them. You’re ready for the comeback. You understand the components of that comeback. Now it is time to start taking the steps. It is not enough to have information. It is time to act. Act from the information and knowledge you now have. God has a great comeback in store for you!

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