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Telling the Truth  with Pete Briscoe
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Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Does the fear of failure hold you back in life? A fear that you’ll mess up in some way — make the wrong move, use the wrong words, pick the wrong time, fail to deliver, seem uniformed…?

Fear manifests itself in many ways — and in the Christian life, fear can be a reason we overthink, postpone, or otherwise avoid telling people about Jesus. How do we win against this fear that may keep the Hope we have locked up inside of us?

In this message, Pete Briscoe shares a source of power and encouragement that will strip away our fear and free us to confidently share the extravagant love of Jesus.

References: Acts 8:1-25

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Stand firm in Christ during trying times!
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Stand firm in Christ during trying times!
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About Telling the Truth

Telling the Truth is an on-air and online media ministry that distributes the Bible-teaching of Pete Briscoe — to help people know Christ and experience full Life in Him. Pete, along with his parents Stuart and Jill Briscoe, shares God’s Truth, grace, and love with people all over the world through a nationally-syndicated, daily, half-hour radio broadcast heard on 500 stations across all the U.S. and ten countries. Pete’s teaching also reaches hundreds of thousands of online listeners, viewers, and readers through numerous websites and apps, social media, and daily email devotionals.

About Pete Briscoe

Pete Briscoe leads Telling the Truth, a multi-faceted media ministry he shares with his parents Stuart and Jill Briscoe, broadcasting Bible teaching across the United States on more than 500 radio stations and across the world on the internet and Sirius XM Satellite Radio, to help more people come to know Christ and experience fullness of life in Him. Pete also served as senior pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, Texas for nearly 30 years after completing his seminary training at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Pete and his wife, Libby, have three adult children and find great joy in experiencing the Life of Christ each day

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