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Built to Last: How to Build a Successful Marriage and Family

The bedrock institution of life and society is the family.  Marriage and family are the first institutions the Lord established at the dawn of civilization. And He created them to last the test of time and troubles. In this eye-opening series, Dr. Jeff Schreve shares six practical and powerful lessons to help your marriage and family survive and thrive for the glory of God.

How Firm is Your Foundation? – Psalm 127:1-5 http://store.fromhisheart.org/p-7386-how-firm-is-your-foundation.aspx

The Dating Game – Proverbs 18:22- http://store.fromhisheart.org/p-7387-the-dating-game.aspx

The Owner’s Manual – Ephesians 5:17-33 http://store.fromhisheart.org/p-7388-the-owners-manual.aspx

Jesus on Marriage and Divorce – Matthew 19:1-12 – http://store.fromhisheart.org/p-7389-jesus-on-marriage-and-divorce.aspx

Home Sweet Home – 1 Peter 3:8-12 http://store.fromhisheart.org/p-7390-home-sweet-home.aspx

What’s a Parent to Do? – Deuteronomy 6:4-15 – http://store.fromhisheart.org/p-7391-whats-a-parent-to-do.aspx

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About From His Heart

FROM HIS HEART MINISTRIES is the TV, Radio and Internet broadcast outreach of Pastor Jeff Schreve. He believes that no matter how badly you have messed up in life, God has a heart of love for you! He proclaims REAL TRUTH, REAL LOVE and REAL HOPE from the loving heart of God to those who are losing hope. Our world is desperate to help a new generation discover their creator through the preaching of the uncompromised truth of the Gospel in a practical, memorable, and powerful way. Pastor Jeff “tells it like it is” with clear biblical content combined with engaging, personal stories that are relevant, compassionate, and humorous. His messages are filled with REAL life-giving principles for everyday living.

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About Jeff Schreve

Jeff Schreve's life has been radically changed by Jesus Christ.
Growing up in a church-going home, Jeff learned a lot about God, but he did not know God. He believed in Jesus in the same way he believed in George Washington: he knew Jesus was real, but had not personally met Him. All this changed one night after a Young Life meeting. After the meeting, all alone in his bedroom, Jeff saw his need for Christ and His forgiveness. He really opened his heart to Christ and gave himself to Jesus. Jeff was forever changed that night as Jesus Christ came and took up permanent residence in his heart.

As a student at the University of Texas, Jeff grew leaps and bounds in his Christian life. He graduated with a degree in business and moved back home to Houston to start his career in the business world. In Houston, he met the love of his life, Debbie Canon, in the Single's Group at Champion Forest Baptist Church. They were married in 1986 and have been blessed with a wonderful relationship and three awesome daughters.

A New Direction
After spending 13 years as a salesman (Landell Manufacturing, Waste Management, Inc., and Nalco Chemical Co.), God clearly called Jeff to preach. He left his secure position and moved his wife and three girls to North Carolina to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was a scary and difficult move to make, especially for Debbie... but it was one of the best decisions they ever made. Jeff and his family were in NC for one year before God called him to serve on staff at Champion Forest Baptist Church. While serving there, he completed his Master of Divinity degree and graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2000.

Jeff was called to become the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Texarkana in 2003. God has tremendously blessed and the church is seeing the Lord change lives, work miracles, and bring unprecedented growth. It is surely exciting as the church Experiences His glory!

Personal Insights
Jeff is a passionate communicator whose love for the Lord and love for people come out in every sermon he preaches. He thinks the Christian life is the most exciting, fulfilling life of all. He believes it is a terrible sin for a preacher to be boring!

Some things he really enjoys: Having fun with his wife and daughters; Spending time with friends; Laughing and making others laugh; Sports (especially basketball, football, racquetball, and golf); and The Texas Longhorns.
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