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Hope Blooms After the Storm

In Hope Blooms After the Storm, pediatrician Dr. Terry Eccles explores the deep scars of child sexual abuse and its social-emotional consequences in her life, while simultaneously revealing the healing hand of God. The story of abuse at the hands of her father begins when she was a pre-schooler. Read along in laughter, joy, sadness, anger, frustration, and hope as Terry recounts the amazing work of God in the life of an unlikely young girl who follows in the footsteps of Esther, asking, “Isn’t every day just such a time as this?”

Contained in this book is encouragement and gentle instruction for anyone who is or ever has been sexually abused, and for anyone else who might be in a position to help someone who has been. Whether you are struggling with the decision to speak up for the first time, or you are supporting someone who has made that courageous step, you will find understanding here. Even if you do not know of anyone who has suffered in this way, there are carefully constructed discussions that you can have with your child or grandchild to help prevent the long-term consequences of child sexual abuse on the next generation.

Order at or call 1-877-markinc. 

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About In His Grip

In His Grip, a weekly 30-minute video, not only teaches sound doctrine, but shows how God’s grace enables listeners to live out that doctrine in a broken world. In His Grip is one of many resources available through MARK INC Ministries.

About Dr. Chuck Betters

Dr. Charles F. Betters has served as Senior Pastor of Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bear, Delaware, since 1986 and is frequently called upon to address church pastors and leadership all across the country. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware and Eastern Baptist Seminary. He earned his Doctoral degree from Covenant Seminary.

Dr. Betters' previous pastorates include Wissahickon United Methodist Church and Logan United Methodist Church and Red Lion Evangelical Church (Delaware). He has four children and eleven grandchildren. His wife, Sharon Betters, is the author of Treasures of Encouragement and Treasures in Darkness. Dr. Betters and Sharon co-authored Treasures of Faith.
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