Off the Sidelines and Into the Fight

Indiana, Arkansas and Kenya. Somehow open season was announced on anyone who holds to basic Christian convictions. The assassinations come literally and figuratively, in Kenya they kill Christians in America they murder their reputation. What has happened?

What Christians now know is there is a plan to remove Christian influence and liberty. There is a concerted effort by people who believe Christian morality is no longer needed, welcomed or accepted. The supposed “intellectuals” who are leading this movement simply have a strong animus against orthodox Christianity.

Having graduate degrees from Boston College and Duke University I consider myself a true intellectual. My intellect has led me to adopt a Christian worldview. I understand there are different worldviews what I don’t understand is the lack of respect for the Christian one. It would appear as long as Christians are helping the poor and showing Jesus’ love in practical ways they are tolerated but the moment we dare to speak on moral issues the tolerance ends.

When the NY Times Frank Bruni can actually write a column telling certain Christians to change their beliefs we have reached a new level of hubris. In fact he quotes gay activist Mitchell Gold who said that church leaders must be “made to take homosexuality off the sin list.” Made to change what is a sin according to the Bible and Christian teaching. We can never allow that to happen.

Jesus tossed tables and people in the Temple. He had righteous indignation and so do I. People who don’t know the Bible or the complete teachings of Christianity want to talk only about love but Jesus taught many other truths. He said, “Carry your cross and follow me.” He said, “Narrow is the way.” Jesus preached morality not just love.

There must be outrage about the killings, the rape, the beheadings of our Christian brothers and sisters. The destruction of ancient churches and artifacts must end. The uproar has got to be heard across this country and across the world that Christians will not tolerate this treatment. There are millions of Christians on the sidelines. Rallying them to action can and will be done. We’re not going to stand by while you ridicule the Church and Christians.

This may be the beginning of the awakening of the Church probably long overdue. We are the biggest subgroup in America. Even if only part of the Church begins to rise up this assault on religious liberty and this blatant persecution will be blunted. It’s time to get into the fight.

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