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In I Timothy 4:12 Paul speaks to Timothy about his young age. In the Greek we find that the word translated “look down” means literally to underrate. Paul is telling Timothy that he should not let those around him underrate him because of his age. It is interesting to note here that youthfulness could refer to those up to 40 years old.

Character qualities he points out are those that can be especially deficient in younger people. These qualities are speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. The first two qualities deal with a young person’s public life, the other three qualities deal with a young person’s private life.


As James 3 states so forcefully, the tongue is a powerful tool which can be used to exhort or denounce. An obvious thought would be to not use profanity, and that is important but is goes far beyond that. Everything we say must be thought out ahead of time to avoid being misunderstood or hurtful. As we speak we do so with the hope that what we say will help not hinder.


The Greek word means mode of life. We might translate it today as style of life. Our lifestyle must be one that glorifies God in all we do. The way we conduct our life is an open book for all to see. The world must see our life and see only a reflection of God’s presence. Our life should be one that shows true Christian commitment.


This is the agape love of God not the brotherly or romantic love of our world, that which transcends this world the kind only God gives. We are to fulfill the great command given to us by our Lord: love one another. Your love will be tested each day. You will not be able in yourself to love like you should, but the Holy Spirit strengthens us to do what we cannot do.


The thrust of the Greek word is that of believing and trusting. It is not of faithfulness as in the fruit of the Spirit but rather that of believing in Christ and what God has done and will do. The faith needed to pursue his dreams and attempt great things for God


Purity means not only chastity in matters of sex but also the innocence and integrity of heart which marks a man of God. There is purity in all that you say or do. Your life is above fault and blameless before God. All young people struggle with temptations but it is the person who can rise above those passions whose character will be above fault.

Finally, Paul says by doing this you will show yourself an example. The Greek word for example comes from the root word tupos which means to beat, strike or smite. The idea is that as one beats a pattern into a piece of metal or stone, so we are to be that pattern to follow for all who are believers. Paul is saying to Timothy that he will be a pattern for others to be like if he will develop these five qualities in his life. This is our goal to develop that character so that even in youth we display mature Christian living.


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