God’s Vision

By Margaret D. Mitchell
Week of March 5, 2023

During quiet time one morning, Holy Spirit guided me to Isaiah 43 and impressed upon my heart that what has felt delayed for a long time is coming on the scene as a gentle lead-in to a restored foundation expressed. In other words, there are outward foundational blessings that God is bringing us into as He has restored our foundations inwardly.

Can you see Him leading you accordingly in what He prompts you to do right now? It may be toward a new reconnection of an old relationship that’s just beginning again. It may be getting organized for a scheduled relocation. How is God inviting you to come closer right now to Him in what He has for you?

Where it looked dry for a long time, those promised streams will flow as new life comes forth right before us. It will be beautiful, and even more so, than it was as you remember, because God is doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19).

The key precept here is Isaiah 43:19 TPT, which asks, “Don’t you perceive it?”

These Words are purposed to invite us to focus on God and see as He sees to be guided in His right direction. His direction will continue to lead us into greater fullness and glory in new-life and even new-legacy areas.

God is reminding us that what we perceive we will also receive. We are very close, so it’s important to keep our focus on Him. It’s all a leading into promised dreams coming true—the ones He put in our hearts and purposed, even long ago.

God is re-establishing us in all that makes up this new life He has for us, nothing missing, nothing broken. Shalom-wholeness is our portion, and beauty will surround us.

Holy Spirit is even opening our eyes to see this in part now, as He leads us through His new life order. As we continue to work unto Him (as worship), He is clearing a path, making a way for us to enter in even more, and He is giving us understanding in advance as necessary.

In this light, Holy Spirit showed me that it’s important, right now, to accurately discern distraction from elements of what is truly of Him. What may initially appear to be a distraction can actually be a revealing, a clue of the fullness forward. We must see as He sees to know the difference, and this comes from Holy Spirit alone.

He will turn our mourning into dancing, while He turns evil shouts into mourning (Isaiah 43:14). He has reversed curses and set us up to step into rewards forward. He has lifted us and fitted us with new garments that are more becoming of Him.

There are people we will meet and re-meet that we couldn’t before because of un-resolve in our souls. By God’s goodness, the areas in which He has grown us—or delivered us incrementally—will be the areas in which He will bring us into the maturity of His new expressions for us. He has all kinds of nouns—people, places, and things—waiting for us. Wellsprings of His goodness in areas where we’ve had to re-dig and become re-established.

These people will have anointings and other giftings to advance us beyond where we can go on our own. They will know God’s heart on matters and how to accomplish His will. They will offer us their best abilities, knowledge, and heart connections. They will work alongside us as assigned, not getting in God’s way or ours, but in step with Him as sent ones to help us. Their earnest hearts will prove out as a type of kinsman-redeemer.

We will know them by their fruit, and it will be as God foretold us. We will experience His Presence of peace, His lovely grace-ease. These redeemed ones will be a significant part of our journeys—life- and legacy-changing. Yes, in this new-life order, God is restoring our legacies to be more like what He originally intended. The fullness of what past generations began will be ours when Holy Spirit breaks us through barriers to entry and enables us to steward God’s treasures according to His will.

We can remember that God’s Presence is everything—in vision and execution. We can remain in the peace of God to know what to do and where to go and when. We can let the past fall away to the extent that it becomes distant, just like it is for God in Isaiah 43:25 TPT, where the prophet Isaiah says God “completely erases” our sins and never sees or remembers them again. Because God has lightened our burdens, we can rise with Him as our greatest Treasure forward, the same Treasure found in His sent people, places, and things.

Pray with me if you will . . .

Dear Lord,

Thank You for Your heart of blessing for me. Help me to see what and how You see. Help me not to miss anything that’s of You for me. Help me to discern what is truly of You right now and forward. Help me steward my time and attention according to Your will in all things. Thank You for bringing me into Your best promises fulfilled.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


Margaret D. Mitchell is the Founder of God's Love at Work, a marketplace outreach purposed to share God's greatest power source - the love of Christ.