December 18

Matthew 6:21
'For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.'

Grady thought he was pretty smart, hiding the chocolate bars be-side his bed. He would do well on his diet during the day, but at night he would go wild eating chocolate. Every day he would talk a good game, saying how much he really wanted to be thinner, but when the lights went out at night, he would undo all his fine talk by sneaky, fattening action. When he was caught, Grady merely shrugged it off, saying he wouldn't do it again. The next night, Grady fell asleep with chocolate thick on his breath. Actions often do speak louder than words. Where our treasure is-that is, what's really important to us-there will our hearts and actions be, also.

Today's thought: Make my diet important enough to me to keep me from temptation!