October 19
Wholehearted belief
Mark 11:12-26
" 'Have faith in God,' Jesus answered" (v.22)

Today we look at another condition on which continuing peace depends -- complete and utter faith in God. A Christian who truly believes in God -- not pretends to believe, or half-believes -- will inevitably enjoy and experience God's perfect peace. But what does it mean to believe in God? What are the basic requirements?A Christian believes -- and believes wholeheartedly -- that Jesus is God and that He is the Savior of the world (Rom. 10:9). He believes also that the universe is in the keeping of Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Love, and that God is directing the course of his individual life (Psa. 139:16). He believes, too, that nothing can happen in the universe except as God permits. If it were possible to conceive of anything out of which God could not bring good, then God would not permit it (Rom. 8:28). In the deepest possible sense, the Christian therefore says:"Whate'er events betideThy will they all perform."A Christian believes, further, that God holds the universe together. Man may be free but his freedom is limited. He cannot extinguish the stars, pluck the sun from the sky, blow the earth to smithereens with atomic explosions, quench love in a mother's heart, prevent the return of spring or defeat the purpose of God which was revealed at Calvary. God would not allow any of the things I have listed, for they would be contrary to His design for the universe. The peace of a Christian is therefore set deep in the rock of reality. It is based on his complete and utter faith in God.

Gracious and loving heavenly Father, help me to check on my faith this day and see whether I am really believing or just pretending to believe. I want to be done with all pretense. O Lord, increase my faith. Amen.

For Further Study
1. In what areas of your Christian life are you exercising faith?
2. Where does our victory stem from?