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Week 22:

Doing God a Favour

Remember the children of Israel? In one of their marvelous escapades, they walked round the city of Jericho seven times. What did they do? They carried the ark of God. To them, that was the very presence of God. Can you imagine people on the walls looking down and saying, "Who are these lunatics?" I mean, what were they doing? They walked round in silence. They were not allowed to speak... that must have been tough on some of them. "What do they have there? Is it a coffin? What is it? Its a casket." When Moses was sharing out some of the property of Israel, he gave various things to various people, but the sons of Kohath were not allowed to have any cattle or any of the possessions: They were separated to carrying the ark of God.

Second Samuel six and verse six, "When they came to Nachons threshing floor, Uzzah put forth his hand to the ark of God and took hold of it for the oxen shook it, and the anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzzah."

Why? Because they'd made a new cart for it. God said the ark never had to be on a cart. But they made a new cart. And these people thought they were doing God a favor by modernizing this thing. Now, isn't it really awesome? They didn't decide to paint it another color. They didn't decide to put a second deck on it. They didn't disfigure it in any way. The man didn't go in front of it and start blaspheming. The man somehow thought he'd do God a favor... "Oh, look! The ark is going to topple over! Oh Ill hold it."

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