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Week 23:

Dressing Up the Gospel

Somebody once asked Mr. Spurgeon if he would join a society for the defense of the Bible. He said, "You don't usually walk before a lion with a sword". Why do you need to defend the Bible?

All this man did was to put his hand up to stay the ark and immediately he was smitten! What do you think we are doing with the gospel today? Dressing it up? Painting it up? Someone told me this week of a Christian group, a rock band. Christian rock band!? But anyhow, whatever they are, they go around. And now they've got sequins on their coats. Well, why not? All the other guys have them. I mean, if the world could have them, cant we? Glitter? I mean, if we've no other glitter, we might as well stick it on the outside. Its not on the inside anyhow.

We try to steady the ark of God. We are trying to put some improvement on the ark of God. We try to do that with the translations we make of the Word of God. We try to make some of those words just a little bit easier. We better go back to Bible language and call sin what it really is!... But the anger of the Lord was kindled against this man and not only smote him but killed him!

Come on, in Gods name, what are we doing with the gospel today? Isn't it getting more emasculated? Isn't it getting more Hollywood-style?

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