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Week 25:

The Habitation of God

Well, we don't need an ark. Why? Because it says: "You are the habitation of God." There's only as much of Gods holiness in this meeting as you and I are filled with the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, of God, the pure Spirit of God. He doesn't dwell in temples - oh, you can make Him a thousand crystal palaces like they've done on the west coast there, so what? You cant sanctify a building in the Old Testament sense. Even Solomon realized it. I guess he built the most expensive building, the most extravagant building ever made. He used gold more easily than we used cement. He built the altar, and he had the priests. Yet, when he had made his intercession to God, he said, "Look, I've put up this building, I've done everything according to Your commandment. We've got an altar. We've even got a sacrifice on the altar. Now, what's missing? Nothing, except the fire of God. What good is a house that I've built, if God's presence isn't there? What's the good of making a showpiece and saying we've got the best choir, we've got the most brilliant preacher. We've got this and that. So what? In Gods name, does it matter?

Don't you think we are putting our hands on so many things? You've got to start this way and finish that way and do something else. We are getting so mechanical. Since when did the gospel need trimming up?

I had to go to a meeting. There's a five-piece band there.
Oh, how they swerved and jazzed and whatnot.

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