Evolving Computer Code 

Genesis 11:1
“And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech." 

Some years ago, a major international software company took out some commercials on British television. The theme of the commercials was that their software was now better than it had ever been because it had evolved. The commercials showed images of dinosaurs and so-called primitive animals as they evolved into more modern, up-to-date varieties. As I said, the object of the commercials was to convince the public that the software applications they were selling were better and more sophisticated than their products had been previously. 

Darwin’s theory of evolution, and its neo-Darwinian variants, suggests that organisms have gradually got more complex by the spontaneous appearance of new DNA code. There is, of course, an analogy between computer programming code and the arrangement of information in DNA – except that DNA information is a great deal more complex than a computer app. 

If I had been one of the programmers of these software apps, I think I might have felt a little insulted. Granted, the new software versions were much better than the previous generations, having more and more useful routines. But each of these sophisticated features had been designed, planned and coded by software engineers. No information was introduced randomly by blind evolution. All new information was the result of highly intelligent design. 

This reasoning, incidentally, is just one of many reasons why evolution is impossible. New DNA code has even less chance of appearing by itself than a new programmed feature has of appearing in these software applications. 

Prayer: Every item of code in DNA is important, Lord – just like the code in a computer program. Thank You for the wonder of Your creation. 

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