December 11

Psalms 145:2
Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name for ever and ever.


Janet, Ann, and Jenny all agreed. This year they were going to get together daily to pray together and share their experiences. Over the past few months they had spent more time in fellowship with one another, and it was the best part of their weeks. They all worked in the same office, ate lunch together, went to church together, and they lived close enough that they could meet at one another's homes when necessary. In covenant with God and one another, they promised to get together for praise and prayer.
Perhaps such a set-up is not feasible for everyone, but it is easier and more enjoyable when we can share our faith with others. Other people hold us accountable to the commitment we make in a way that God does not. He will not force anyone to make time for Him. It is from a willing heart that God wants our time with Him to come. Friends and prayer partners can help us remember God every day, and thereby help us praise Him always.
Prayer: Every day will I praise Thee, Lord. I will try to take time each day to reflect on the great gifts I have been given and the wonderful love that is in my heart. Thank You for that love. Amen.

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