December 16

Psalms 147:3
He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.


Mae sat by the window of her apartment, watching the children playing in the snow below. She wished she could have fun like that once more. Even the companionship and feeling of belonging would be nice. At present, all she had was her cat, Morgan, and he wasn't much for conversation.
Mae was shaken from her reverie by a knock at the door. As she opened it, she was met by the greetings of her neighbors from one floor below. Bearing gifts of food and drink, they asked if they might come in to share the evening with her. Glowing with a warmth long forgotten, Mae invited them in to celebrate a new, blossoming friendship.
We have been given the power to bring joy to the lives of others. In this season of God's gift of joy to us, we ought to think of ways that we might spread happiness to those who have little to be happy about. God heals the broken hearts of His children, often through His servants: you and me. Reach out in love to heal the wounds of loneliness and despair.
Prayer: Make me an agent of Your love and care, Father. Send me forth with a message of mercy and joy. Use me to heal the emotional wounds of my neighbors. Amen.

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