December 17

Psalms 147:5
Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding in infinite.

The snow was falling in chunks, now. The blizzard had begun six hours ago, and the world had ground to a holt; at least, the world in northwest New York State. It was astonishing to watch the snow accumulate, not into mounds, but into mountains. Somewhere, Stuart had learned in his childhood that no two snowflakes were ever the same. Incredible! The Lord never ceased to create. Billions of snowflakes fell to earth, and not one matched any other. How could people doubt that some creative force was behind the universe?

When we stop to admire the may miracles in nature, we are met with the indisputable evidence of a mastermind who brought everything into being. The power of the Lord is beyond our comprehension, and His wisdom and understanding are beyond our knowing. We should be thankful that the Lord has given us so much beauty. We are blessed by the Lord's continuing creativity.
Prayer: Dear Father, You have shared so many good things with me. Let me fully appreciate them all. Show me the wonders of this world, and let me receive them with the wonder and amazement of a child. Amen.

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