December 21

Psalms 148:3
Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light.

All the children were so disappointed. The snows had been so heavy that the power lines had been knocked out. No Christmas lights twinkled. No record players spun out carols. With the trees unlit, something seemed to be missing.
Then, a wonderful thing happened. The clouds parted, and a huge, glowing moon peeked through. The ice and snow below sparkled with brilliant light. The landscape came alive, and in the breeze, the icicles twinkled in the branches. Children cam forth from every house to see the most spectacular display of lights ever imagined. God had supplied what the power company could not. In all their lives, the children could not hope to find trees and lights more beautiful than the ones God gave them this Christmas.
Prayer: Everything we create, Lord, is a poor imitation of the beauty You have created in nature. Let our lives be lit up with your glorious stars, suns, and moons. Let each of these lights be reminders of Your light. Ame

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