December 22

Psalms 148:5
Let them praise the name of the Lord: for he commanded, and they were created.

The shepherds sat in their fields, watching over their flocks. The evening was mild, and the night sky was clear. The stars shone brilliantly, especially the one toward Bethlehem. The sheep were calm and silent.
Little did the band of shepherds know that a visit was being planned for them. So great was their devotion, belief, and faithfulness, that they were to be among the first to know of the Messiah's birth. The shepherds had a special tie with their God. They lived each day of their lives close to His creation. The depended upon Him to provide for their needs. They continually praised the name of the Lord, for He took good care of them.
Those who live in close communion with God have a better understanding of His will and His ways. If we will devote ourselves to God, He will reveal Himself to us in so many ways. Rejoice in God's creation. Embrace it, and know God.
Prayer: I wait in anxious anticipation of the coming of Your Son once more. Reveal Him to me in new ways, Lord. Let Him be born in my heart anew. Amen.

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