December 27

Psalms 149:5
Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds.

Carol dreaded going into the nursing home. She had been in others in the past, and she had never felt very good about them. There was something very sad and depressing about them. As she entered the front door, she was surprised that she wasn't met with moans and groans, but with the sound of singing. She followed the sound to a large community room. There, dozens of men and women sat together around a piano, singing songs from their younger days. None of the people looked unhappy. Quite the contrary, they looked joyful and content. Carol moved quietly into the group and began to sing along. Perhaps at last she had found a place where she could be comfortable.
The older segment of our population is a wonderful resource that we have. Too often they are shoved out of the way and not allowed to enjoy their golden years. God loves His oldest children. When they join together, they have a blessed opportunity to continue to grow and enjoy life.
Prayer: Number me among the saints of the body of Christ, O Lord. When I feel like groaning about the way things are, fill my heart with song, instead. Amen.

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