December 6

Psalms 142:4
I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed m e: no man cared for my soul.

Terry knew he was in big trouble. He had stolen the test answers along with three of his friends, but they all took off, and he was the only one caught. He tried to tell the principal, but all he got was a lecture on not getting his friends in trouble and facing his punishment like a man. His friends had not intention of coming forth with the truth. He was alone in this mess, and there was no one to bail him out.
Often friends desert us, allies are hard to find, and we stand alone in what we do, right or wrong. Sometimes we face the music for sins we have committed. Other times we stand alone for something we believe in. Comfort comes to us when we realize that, no matter how many earthly friends desert us, God is always standing right beside us. We need face no trial alone. Whether we have sinned or stood up for what is right, God will be near to us, to protect and defend.
Prayer: Lord, I need to have You near me. I feel alone and abandoned sometimes. Stand with me, hold me in Your arms, and fill me with Your love. Amen.

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