December 8

Psalms 143:2
And enter not into judgment with thy servant: for in thy sight shall no man living be justified.


Claire found fault with everyone. The mailman was always late, the grocery clerk was always slow, the paperboy was always rude, the minister was always boring, her friends were always too loud, too quiet, too fat, too skinny, too immoral, too prudish. In Claire's eyes, no one was really worth much at all.
Forgiveness was one word which was not found in Claire's vocabulary. She could not forgive people for being human. Luckily, God does acknowledge our humanness, and He loves us just the same. God has yet to see the perfect human being, apart from Jesus Christ, but that doesn't change His feeling for us. When we see others through the eyes of God's love, then we find that we can accept their failings and love them as they are.
Prayer: Help to find the lovable in all people, Lord. Destroy in me the tendency to be judgmental. Instead, teach me new ways to affirm others and spread Your grace. Amen.

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