February 11

Psalms 18:3
I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so sha ll I be saved from mine enemies.

When Charlie was a boy, he used to dream of being like his favorite comic book hero. With super powers, Charlie knew he'd be unstoppable. No one could pick on him, no one could tell him what to do, and everybody would love him. As he grew older, Charlie grew sad to realize that no superhero life lay in his future. Superheroes were just myths.

Then, one day, Charlie found a new kind of hero. A friend of his gave him a New Testament and asked him to read it. Charlie was swept into a world where sin and evil came to an end, where good really did win, and where love was the strongest power of all. And the best thing was, everyone who believed could be a hero, too.
We need to choose our heroes carefully. Only one hero is worthy of our praise and allegiance, and that is Jesus Christ. Jesus will save us from our enemies, and He will set all things right. Follow Him, and He will grant you a power beyond belief.
Prayer: Dear God, I follow so many false heroes, thinking they might have something I need. Help me to remember that all I could ever need or want, You have already given me though the life of Your blessed Son. Amen.

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