February 15

Psalms 18:33
He maketh my feet like hinds' feet, and setteth me upon my high places.

Her grace and beauty was breathtaking. The doe paused for a moment, then she sprang forth in a poetic dance of joy. Effortlessly, she scaled the rocky incline, never missing her footing, until she stood out against the autumn sky. Her gentle eyes scanned the horizon, she sniffed delicately, shook her head once, and then was off.
God has equipped His creation with many wonderful and amazing qualities. The doe who can climb steep mountains with nary a misstep, the jaguar that can outrun any prey and turn sharply at its fastest pace, the eagle who can span vast distances in a matter of hours; all these creatures are strong because they use their God-given talents as they were intended to.
There is a lesson to learn from such creatures. We, too, have been given many wonderful gifts and talents. When we affirm the talents we have been given, then God will surely bless us, and we will be a sign to others of His goodness. God has given us hinds' feet, wings to fly, power, grace, an d a multitude of other gifts. Embrace them and know that the Lord is good.
Prayer: Teach me to use the gifts I have been given. Aid me as I test my wings and struggle to get my footing. Be patient with me, Lord, and touch me with Your touch of peace and grace. Amen.

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