February 4

Psalms 15:3
He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbour, nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbour.

Ruth attended every church function held, and she never refused to pitch in when there was work to do. She gave liberally of money, time, and talent. There was nothing she would not do for her church. Even so, she found that others did not welcome here or invite her to join in their special functions. One day she complained to the people she was with that, "Too many people think too highly of themselves, and they're jealous of me because I do so much." She began to list by name those whom she meant. Finally, one of her associates stopped her and said, "The reason you're not more welcome is because you always talk about others. You spend a lot of time doing good, then you undo it by gossiping. We get tired of hearing you criticize everyone who doesn't do things like you want them to."
We are all called to be Christian in thought, deed, and word. If the love of God truly dwells in our hearts, then we should show it by the way we treat and talk about others. What we say matters a great deal, and God will judge us on our words and feelings, as well as on our actions.
Prayer: Lord, help me to love with Your divine love. Keep me from judging others, but never let me forget that to grow, I must continually judge myself. Amen.

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