March 28

Psalms 33:3
Sing unto him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise.

I looked at my watch through bleary eyes, to see that it was just after five in the morning. Downstairs a horrendous noise shook the whole house. I stumbled along to find out what was happening. In the family room, the two small children of friends of mine stood, one with a drum, one with a harmonica; a hymnal spread out in front of them. They were, to their way of thinking, playing a selection of inspirational greats. I couldn't help but smile. At first, the children thought I might be mad at them, but their worry faded as I entered the room and began to sing along with their cacophony. Noisy it was, but is was definitely joyful. I'm sure it was the best the Lord heard all day!
Prayer: I make sure that I take time out of this day to lift my voice to You in praise and worship. Fill my heart with songs to Your glory. Remind me of all I should be thankful for. Amen.

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