March 7

Psalms 25:2
O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.

Gail called herself a good Christian. She read her Bible, prayed daily, attended church every Sunday, and pitched in whenever her church needed her. God seemed to be a very real part of Gail's life, and yet, whenever her faith was put to the test, she seemed to give up. Her answer for everything was, "Well, God couldn't be bothered with me, I suppose." The truth was, Gail was afraid to put her full faith in God, for fear He might let her down. Her feelings of unworthiness blocked her from putting her trust totally in God.

Trust takes time. We need to practice putting our trust in the Lord, but when we do, we find a new confidence that He will be faithful to us. The more we trust, the more we are convinced that our trust is well placed. The key to trust is to try. Try putting your faith in the Lord, and watch wonderful things happen.
Prayer: Assist me as I try to let go of my doubt and fear and put my trust in You. I sometimes become my own worst enemy, Father. Save me from myself. Amen.

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