March 9

Psalm 25:15
Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net.

Jerry was terrified of heights. He had been all his life. Unfortunately, his new job required that he climb ladders and travel across catwalks high above the ground. With great courage and resolve, Jerry worked on overcoming his fear. Whenever he had to climb or walk the catwalks, he would focus his attention on the end of the line and pretend that Jesus was waiting there with outstretched arms. His fear left him completely, and he was able to scale great heights without concern.

It we will set our sights on the Lord, He will make sure our steps. No snare, trap, or pitfall can stop us when our eyes are on the Lord. He will guard us each step of the way.
Prayer: I am uncertain, Lord, and often I am afraid. Dispel my fears, and instill me with Your holy confidence. I place my trust in You, that I might walk a good walk of faith and never stumble. Amen.

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