April 1

Psalms 34:14
Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

Phil was the big practical joker. He would do anything for a laugh, usually at the expense of someone else. Often his jokes lacked good taste, and more than a few caused hurt feelings and pain. None of that fazed Phil. He pushed and teased until many people wanted to have nothing more to do with him. When people reacted in anger to his stupid tricks, he dismissed them as having no sense of humor.
Everyone likes to have fun, but fun should never hurt anyone. Fun at other people's expense is selfish and cruel. God wants us to reach out to one another in love, spreading happiness and joy through the good things we do, not the evil. If we will dedicate our lives to the happiness of others, then our fun will be fun that everyone can enjoy.
Prayer: Too easily I laugh at things that might hurt someone else. There is no joy in other people's pain. Help me to be an ambassador of love and goodwill, making peop le happy in deep and lasting ways. Amen.

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