April 14

Psalms 41
Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.

Curse the beggars! It was impossible to go anywhere without seeing someone with his hand out.Ted refused to look into their faces. He despised people who were always looking for a handout. He worked hard for what he got; why couldn't they? It made him so mad. He rounded the corner and abruptly stopped in front of a young boy cradling the head of his mother in his lap. The woman was obviously very ill. The boy looked up into Ted's face and sobbed one word. "Please?"
All the excuses, all the anger, all the contempt melted away. Ted's eyes were opened for the first time. These people really needed help, and he had the power to make a difference. Perhaps he couldn't solve the whole problem, or even a big part, but he could help the boy and his mother. With new resolve, Ted swore to open his eyes to the less fortunate and give as much as he could.
Prayer: Father, am I doing all I can? In my times of need, I cry out for someone to help me. Make me sensitive to others as they cry out. Amen.

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