April 26

Psalms 50:14
Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High.

Early Christians suffered terrible persecution, even death, for refusing to bow down to idols. Images of Caesar were prominent throughout the Roman Empire, and all were expected to pay tribute to these graven images. The Christians refused, and so they were thrown into jail, and sometimes they were thrown to wild beasts. God was so important to these early Christians that they could not offer tribute to anyone less worthy.
Only God is worthy to be praised. In all we do and all we are, our lives should pay tribute to God. Nothing else is good enough. Offer to God thanksgiving and praise, for He alone is deserving.
Prayer: Thank You for the gifts You give, Almighty God. From the rise of the sun to its setting in the night, I will praise You for all that You have done. Glory is Yours, Father. Amen.

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