April 30

Psalms 52:2
Thy tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp rasor, working deceitfully.

Ed ran the blade along the cardboard cartons with speed and skill. He broke down the boxes and stuffed them in a crate. He had done the job a thousand times before, and it had become second nature to him. Often he let his mind wander. On this occasion, it was a poor idea. With lightening speed, the blade ran across the back of Ed's hand, cutting deep and wounding him severely.
Just as a blade cuts deep into flesh, unkind words cut into the heart. A sacred trust has been entrusted to Christians. That trust is the dignity and feelings of the rest of God's children. We become our neighbor's keeper. It is our duty to love and defend them. The tongue has enormous power to build up or to tear down. How will we choose to use it?
Prayer: May every word out of my mouth be one that encourages, builds up, or praises. Remove from my heart the desire to hurt others by my words. Fill my mouth with Your thoughts and words, Lord. Amen.

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