May 11

Psalms 59:9
Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defence.

The young man sat quietly in the courtroom. He trembled as he waited for the hearing to begin. He had never been to court before. His parents had rarely even taken him into town. The Amish kept pretty much to themselves. He was being asked to fight in an army that he did not believe in, and that was something he could not do. They would ask him all kinds of hard questions, but all he knew was that war and killing were wrong, and he would have no part of it, even if it meant sitting in a jail for the rest of his life. They would want excuses, but all he could say was no. God was his only defense. Nothing more was needed.
Prayer: People do not always understand why I feel the way I do or believe the things I do. Help me to accept that, Father. Help me to be secure in my faith. Let me be an example of faith in a world full of doubt. Amen.

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