May 12

Psalms 60:2
Thou hast made the earth to tremble; thou hast broken it: heal the breaches thereof; for it shaketh.

Bombs burst, shaking the walls of the nearby houses. Villagers huddled inside, wondering when the thundering blasts would end. Finally, the assault slacked off, and quiet replaced the horrendous noise. Cautiously, people made their way from their homes to view the devastation that lay around them. Their once-scenic village lay mostly in ruin, the bombs having torn apart the beauty that had existed before.
Wars come and end, and always God has slowly and carefully covered the scars of battle with beauty once more. His great power stands against the worst that humankind can do. So far we have not done irreparable damage, and by God's grace we never will, but it is good to know that the Lord is with us, to heal all wounds and make all things new.
Prayer: The power of humankind does not even compare with Your might, Lord. Save us from our own destructiveness, and renew Your creation, which we carelessly destroy. Amen.

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