Bible Reading

When God is at the center of our theology and Christ is at the head of our lives we begin to understand the Bible as it was intended to be understood. Approaching Scripture as God’s self-disclosure instead of our tool for self-improvement will undoubtedly open up an entirely new experience of Bible study. It is not hard to see the extreme difference between hunting for verses “we like” – verses that “work for us” or make us feel good – versus coming to the word of God each day to discover the nature and character of our Creator.

When we genuinely see ourselves as Christ-followers and those whose highest ambition is to serve and worship our Maker, we will enthusiastically drink in the insights we find in every verse of his written revelation. And God’s Spirit will be eager to help. The Spirit’s goal is to open our eyes and illuminate our minds regarding the greatness and glory of the Lord and of his Christ.

So may we read our Bibles today, not as a modern self-help book, but as a window into the heart and mind of our Redeemer and King.

-- Pastor Mike

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