Mentally Engaged

So much of what goes on in the name of Christianity consists of people mindlessly going through the motions of various forms of religion, devotion and piety. But acts of devotion, pious ceremonies and forms of true religion result in anything but good, when the participant’s mind is somewhere else. In principle, the Scripture repeatedly warns us not to be churchgoers who are singing songs about eternal truths while thinking about what needs to be purchased at the grocery store, praying prayers while attempting to adjudicate the motives of the one leading, or listening to a sermon while pondering the yard work that needs to be done, the kid’s next ball game or that up coming business trip.

God wants our full attention when we approach the God-centered activities of his assembled church. We dare not let our minds drift when we are being led to think of the majesty of our Creator, the redemption of his Son, or the work of God’s Spirit in our lives. Lyrics and outlines require our full attention. And when we fix our hearts and minds on them, God goes to work. His powerful word penetrates to the exposure of our thoughts, intentions and attitudes.

God wants to do great, meaningful and lasting things in our lives. They begin with giving God our full and undivided attention.

--Pastor Mike

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